Risti 7, Tallinn

Object: Risti 7, Tallinn
Works: See below to review the longer description
Size: 820 m2


Works performed:
In December 2015 we finished the first integral renovation of the apartment building compliant with the new Kredex 40% requirements at Risti 7 in Tallinn. In the course of works the following works were carried out:
1) Insulated outer peripheries of the building (foundation, socle, facade, attic)
2) The windows of all apartments (by raising the level of insulation) and front doors of apartment building replaced.
3) The heating system with boiler room was renovated.
4) The warm water system was established
5) The heat recovery ventilation system was built. The ventilation inlet pipeline was installed to the outer facade into the insulation. The old ventilation flares were used for exhaust where the exhaust pipeline with required parts was installed. The ventilation aggregate was installed to the attic of the building.

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